Holly Bagnall-Bell

Grants Manager

In her role as Funding & Performance Manager Holly enjoys making connections with the Online Centres Network, supporting them as they work to fight social and digital exclusion. Delivering the varied funded projects can come with challenges, so using her in-depth knowledge of partners in the network Holly will often help centres to link up with other organisations to work out the best resolutions together.

Holly spends the majority of her time out of the office co-moderating at a Japanese Street Fashion Society, and will often travel across the UK to host and attend events ranging from Tea Parties to fashion shows. With her three best friends living in Japan, South Korea and China, she definitely sees the benefit of digital video conferencing tools!

Holly says... "Technology has let me create a huge network of friends from all across the world, who have the same interests as me. I would never have found them without the internet. I've been exposed to so many different points of view and opinions on politics, gender, race, equality, intersectionality and so much more... I think it's definitely made me a better person!"

Margaret is the head honcho when it comes to managing finances, HR, administration and company secretarial functions