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12.6 million adults in Britain don’t have the basic digital skills they need to benefit from the online world - and nearly 6 million people have never used the internet. What’s more, it’s those already at a disadvantage - through age, education, income, disability, or unemployment - who are most likely to be missing out.

digital-inclusion.jpgThe benefits of developing digital skills cannot be underestimated. From communicating easily with the world around, to accessing learning and job opportunities, managing, making and saving money and even improving physical and mental health, digital literacy is a vital skill to participate fully in the modern world. Good Things Foundation wants to make sure that everyone has that opportunity.

12.6 million adults in Britain lack basic digital skills (that’s 23% of all adults).

of adults (5.9 million) have never used the internet

of future digital inclusion learners progressed to, towards or within employment

of people aged 45 years and under lack all five basic digital skills.

Digital inclusion has always been at the core of Good Things Foundation’s work to ensure everyone has the chance to access the opportunities and information they need. 

Our network of centre partners within the Online Centres Network engage people with community-based learning, offering digital skills as part of a wide-ranging package of support according to the individual’s need. Good Things Foundation developed the Learn My Way online learning platform to support our network’s digital offer, which supports people to gain the digital skills they need using interactive and engaging online content. 

All of our projects have a digital element to them - as social inclusion and digital inclusion are so strongly correlated we believe that improved digital capability is an important contributor to help people move out of poverty, become less socially excluded and enjoy a greater quality of life and wellbeing.

Good Things Foundation has helped over 2 million people get online since 2010.

Surveys of our learners show that learning with Learn My Way leads to positive outcomes

83% progressed onto further learning and 62% to employment-related activities.
92% reported an improved quality of life.
72% used government online services.

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